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Prop Strike

Prop Strike Inspection procedure :

The engine has to be removed from the aircraft and send to our shop :
Why ?

    1- we have to remove the gear box and the crankshaft gear
    2- we have to replace the roller bearing and the oil seal in the engine casing (required special tools)
    3- we have to carry out an out-of roundness inspection of the crankshaft shaft (PTO side)
    4- we have to carry out a distortion inspection (to see if the crankshaft is twisted)
    5- we have to carry out a Non Destructive Testing of the following :
      Gear set / dog hub / prop shaft / gear box housing
    6- and finally do a ground run to confirm that there is no leak or vibration
The following parts will be replace (good or bad)
    Prop shaft oil seal
    Prop shaft ball bearing
    All spring disk
    Roller bearing
    Oil seal behind roller bearing

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