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Beechcraft F33A

Serial # CE-1487
Presently C-GENF was N5616G
On Nov 2016.....total time was ; 1,948.7 hrs

Modification : engine replacement with IO-550 ( 300 HP) overhaul done by Banner Aviation

Turbo Normalised by Tornado Alley Turbo Oklahoma
GAMI injector installed
Brackett Air Filter STC

This aircraft is certify to fly up to 21,000 ft it cruse at 180Kts fuel burn 15 to 17 gal

Six hours of flight time
Standby electrical vacuum pump
DE icing system by Aerospace System Kansas ,wings /fin and stab
Propeller de icing ( glycol )
Wing tip fuel tanks Beryl D`Shannon 15 gal per side ( six flying hours)
3 blades propeller with de icing boots and chrome spinner
Single pilot yoke is installed but dual yoke is available ( include)
S-Tec 60-2 auto pilot ; heading pre select

    Altitude hold with altitude trim
    Course intercept
    NAV mode
    Dual mode HDG/NAV
    VOR/LOC/GS/REV/GPS coupling with automatic gain


It will intercept the glide slope and bring you down to the runway
Landing gear safety horn ( will let you know if you forget the gear UP)


All log book since new from the manufacture to today ( including FAA CD )
No major damage history
New leather interior
Hard cover headliner ( from Beechcraft) was installed
All windows are 9 out of 10
Interior and paint is 9 out of 10
In oct 2016 the main gear was repainted due to paint flaking / the side fuselage were the registration is was also strip and re painted to prepare for new registration , today temporary sticker registration has been installed.

The aircraft is park in the owner heated hangar in St Hubert Qc CYHU near Montreal

There are presently 4 seats in the aircraft but a fifth one is available


turn coordinator
King DME
King KT76A transponder with encoder
GPS KLN94 combined with MD550 moving map ( GPS is approved IFR)

The KLN94 is also equipped with XM weather receiver KDR 610
II Morrow Apollo 360 GPS
Yoke mounted 696 super wide GPS
The KLN94 GPS and MD550 moving map is equipped with a standby reserve power in case of electrical failure two noise cancelling headset David Clark H10-13X ( front seat )
two David Clark headset ( standard) for the rear passengers
Audio panel
Honeywell XM weather receiver KDR 610
New style 406 ELT Artex 110-4
Mid-Continent GPS Enunciators switch MDI41-528
Astrotech Chronometer Quartz LC-2A
David Clark power control module for H10-13XL headsets

Portable oxygen (dual tank) system with four mask with Pulse system ( with this system the oxygen consumption is 3 time less than a conventional constant flow system


Continental IO-550-B ...overhauled in April 2005 .... 454 hrs SMOH
The original engine was a IO-520 it was converted to IO-550-B/BP by Barrett Performance Aircraft as per the STC SE09997SC
During the overhaul ; the camshaft was redone by Aircraft Specialty , OK

    The crankcase was done by Crankcase Ser4vice Inc OK
    The crankshaft was new from Continental
    Oil cooler overhauled
    Starter overhauled by TCM
    Alternator overhauled
    Prop Governor overhauled
    New vibration mounts installed
    All new control cables was installed
    Fuel pump overhauled
    All related components of the turbo was new or overhauled
    Both magnetos overhauled
    New GAMI injectors was installed
    All baffles was replaced


Gross weight ; 3754 lbs

Empty weight ; 2453.6 lbs

Useful weight ; 1300.4 lbs


185.1 Hrs since Overhaul
New in 1999
Overhaul in 2008 by Palm Beach Aircraft Propeller
3 blades / alcohol de ice / in excellent condition – never use on gravel or sand
Chrome spinner and back plate – like new


Please refer to separate sheets for nov 2016 update


FR bi-yearly certification and ELT will be carried out at sale closing / aircraft is base in its own heated hangar in CYHU near Montreal /
for $ 200.00 we can fly the aircraft to Burlington VT


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